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How to Become a Property Owner Your Tenants Love

The quality of a landlord can mean the difference between tenants loving where they live or complaining about every aspect of their community. With the right amount of care and attention, you can have your tenants loving having you as their landlord. We’ve included the keys areas to focus on here:

1. Be Available

There’s little more frustrating for a tenant than not being able to easily reach you when a problem arises. And if it’s not always possible to answer calls, texts, or emails right away, make sure you’re able to respond within a few hours. Taking days to answer will leave tenants feeling frustrated and unimportant—plus, they might have an issue that will just get worse the longer you wait, like a water leak.

2. Include Maintenance Basics

If you own property with a yard, stock up on a few things to help with yard and home maintenance. The tenants will be happy to see that they are already provided with items like a rake, mower, ice salt, or snow shovel. Not only will they be grateful, the extras will help encourage regular maintenance around the property.

If you are feeling extra generous, you can also include a week’s worth of bathroom necessities like toilet paper, towels, and soap. They will be appreciative of the gesture, and it will make things easier on them right after moving in (no one likes digging through all their boxes just to find these items the first night).

3. Make Sure the Property is Clean

If necessary, pay for a cleaning crew before move in. No one wants to move in only to find out they must spend a day cleaning before they can even unpack. Make it easier on them, and give them more confidence in their new home. After all, first impressions are everything.

Another tip: start requiring a small portion of each deposit be left for a quick deep clean each time someone moves out.

4. Make Necessary Replacements

This is an area too-often overlooked by landlords, but it shouldn’t be seen as a hassle if you want to keep your tenants happy. Make improvements to your property in areas that obviously need some work. Quality tenants will not want to live on property that has showers and sinks with water marks or carpet that is stained and old. And if a tenant brings up a concern, be attentive and quick to address them as best you can.

Better yet, be open and honest with prospective tenants about replacements before they move in. Ask them what they would change if they were able. If it’s reasonable and feasible, offer to make the changes if they move into your property—and keep those promises. Even if it’s a difficult request you can’t fix right away, listening and acknowledging the request will show your effort and increase confidence in your attentiveness to concerns.

A renter’s happiness at their home is largely shaped by the experiences they have with their landlord, so make sure you maintain a good relationship with your tenants. They will enjoy their homes more, and you will enjoy a happier renter experience.

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