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Lakeshore Corporation Property Management

Lakeshore Corporation is a full service Real Estate and Property Management company. Our standard has been, and always will be, providing quality property management services for residential, multi-family, office, industrial and retail properties. We take pride in the importance of selecting quality tenants and managing the process in a time-sensitive manner. We treat your property like our own and aim to retain and properly support the retention of the tenants we find for your properties.

After 15 years of managing our own portfolio, we understand first-hand the concerns and expectations our clients have on us as a management company. Years of industry experience and putting ourselves in the shoes of our clients, gives us a unique advantage to managing your property.

Lakeshore Corporation acquires, develops, redevelops and manages properties throughout the Pacific Northwest. We provide stable long term growth to our investors while delivering quality, sustainable, real estate products to the community. We specialize in identifying micro-economic trends in under served markets in Washington, Oregon and Idaho.

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