4 Ways to Minimize Crime on Your Property

Unfortunately, property crime can sometimes be inevitable no matter what we do. And with an increase in crime rates recently, it’s even more crucial to be on the lookout for ways to avoid thefts and break-ins. Thankfully, there are some measures you can take as a property owner to decrease the chances of criminal activity, which is better for your business too. Here are some ways both you and your tenants can minimize crime on your property.

Screen Your Tenants

The first step toward preventing crime is to thoroughly screen any applicants for your properties. And definitely don’t take in known criminals. It’s tempting to take in anyone if you’re looking for business, but you will feel more secure right off the bat if you’re familiar with the background of those living on your property.

Install Preventative Measures

Property thefts and break-ins are mostly about opportunity, so decreasing the chances of crimes opportunities is the next step. It’s been shown that properties containing preventatives measures Crime Preventionlike community gates, fences, dogs, and alarm system were less likely to experience crime. Even having signs outside warning about an alarm system or to “beware of dog” are more effective than nothing. So it’s a good idea to consider allowing dogs and installing alarms and gates for your property.

Sometimes even using false signs and cameras can be effective, although some smarter criminals will actually test them.

Environmental Design

Preventing crime can involve even more complex strategies than those mentioned above. Through a discipline known as Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, or CPTED, it’s been shown that even factors like the placement of fences and type of lighting can have an impact on crime rates in the neighborhood. Learning more about CPTED just might help further in decreasing chances of crime on your property.

Educate Tenants

You can do your part in prevention, but the other half of the effort must come from those living on the property itself. Make sure your tenants understand the importance of always keeping windows and doors locked, leaving some lights on when out of town and at night, and to not leave valuable items in their car or in plain site around their home.  Although these seem like obvious measures to take, you’d be surprised how careless people can become if they don’t understand the risks involved.

You should also ask tenants to help in being another pair of eyes and ears for you. If they noticed something fishy or see safety measures need tending to, such as a neighborhood light having gone out, have them report it to you right away. Your HOA property manager can also help in relaying information and reminders to stay safe.

Following these steps will help in keeping your property as safe as possible. Although burglaries and other crimes can happen regardless, you are much better off taking preventative measures beforehand in decreasing chances of them occurring on your property.

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