4 Reasons to Clean Your Gutters

Your property’s gutter are likely not at the top of your maintenance list. Out of site, out of mind, right? However, cleaning your gutters on a regular basis is actually more important than you’d think.

Not cleaning your gutters can cause them to become plugged with items such as acorns, leaves, pine needles, rodent rests, other debris, and gravel from building shingles. Gutters clogged with these items can lead to building damage (both the structure and the appearance), higher exterminator costs, and even potentially contribute to health problems. If you work with a property management company that doesn’t realize the cost of uncleaned gutters, you might want to mention these consequences.

Building Damage

Having things in your gutters prevents proper water drainage, which causes plant destruction, erosion, and even water seeping into the basement. Not cleaning your gutters could ultimately affect the foundation of your property.

Siding Damage

When water has nowhere else to go, it will run over and behind your property’s siding, causing rot. That rot will begin to build in walls and door and window jambs, then can continue along wire and piping penetrations into your building’s structure.

Pest Invasion

This is related to the high exterminator fees we mention earlier. The debris that gets caught in gutters is a perfect home for birds, squirrels, mice, insects, or mosquitos. You could end up spending a lot more money on removing pest infestations, especially if the gutters have stayed plugged long enough for them to grow their new home.

Human Health

Uncleaned gutters increase the amount of pollen and mold those in the home are exposed to, and can lead to real illnesses that will stay until the problem is removed. Remove the source for the safety of everyone involved.

To avoid these potential problems and more, make sure you gutters are being cleaned properly each year. The effort effort, cost, and time will be well worth it.

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