Why You Should Help Tenants Move Out of Your Property

When someone who is renting your property gives a move-out notice, what is the first action you take? Do you immediately begin working to fill the pending vacancy or do you spend some time helping your renter with the moving out process?

Not only is the second option a nice gesture, it can actually help is reducing the amount of work you have to do preparing the unit for your next occupant. Find out how here.

Helping Tenants Move Out

Property managers who have been in the business for a good amount of time will have a few bad move-out stories. This could be from renters not leaving in time, an apartment being left in really bad disrepair, or someone taking something that didn’t belong to them. Basically, when a renter moves out it can be quite a big headache for the property owner.

Of course, there’s the security deposit to turn to when there are problems or destruction left during move-out. But this can be quite upsetting for some renters, and in the worst scenarios, can lead to the previous renter contesting the deposit deduction in small claims court, even if you’re following the leasing agreements. When this happens, you’re left spending way too much time on the move-out process.

Instead, you can coach renters into being responsibility with move-out. This ensures they are aware of what’s needed to get their whole security deposit back, and your unit stays looking great so inspection is a snap. Plus, that mean the renters get their deposit back.

See? Less work and headaches for you.

Taking a little extra time to help your tenants get ready for move-out and clean up their space is helpful for you as a property owner and for the past and future renter. This makes unit turnarounds really easy and reduces the amount of time between rental vacancies. It’s really a win-win.

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