How Pets Cost Arizona Landlords Money In The Long Run

The majority of prospective tenants are pet owners now days, and as a property owner it is a scary situation allowing pets into your home. Although having a “no pet policy” will affect the timeliness of renting out your property as this does limit the interest in your Arizona rental property, which can be managed by an Arizona property manager. However, a valid argument arises that it will save you more money in the long run.

Allowing a pet in your Arizona rental, which can be managed by an Arizona property management service, comes the obvious damage concern that can occur throughout the duration of the lease. Everyone believes that their dog or cat is well behaved and house-trained, however that can’t really be determined prior to them moving in. Most property damage caused by pets pertain to flooring/carpets, ranging from stains to ripped and scratched flooring. Blinds and screens are also a popular play toy for most pets as well in-ground irrigation systems and landscaping.

When it comes to carpets, most tenants agree to have the carpets professionally cleaned upon moving out. However, most owners are unaware that a professional carpet cleaning does not remove all allergens and dander from the property. To remove the allergens and dander from the property entirely after the tenants move out, the owner will need to have a thorough deep cleaning of the property. This includes blowing out the air ducts as well to remove all pet hair and dander free from the property, and most likely the tenants will not have this done prior to vacating.

Another cost that owners are not aware of is the increased insurance costs. Most insurance companies have a breed list that will exclude dogs who may be considered a dangerous or destructive breed. It is very important when considering a pet, to contact your insurance company to be aware of the restricted breeds and to be informed on the additional insurance costs.

In addition to looking into the insurance costs, it is important to look at the State and local City laws to determine the responsibility and liability that you are about to take on when agreeing to a pet in the property. In some ordinances, both the landlord and tenant will be liable in case a dog attacks someone.

As you can see there are pros and cons when considering a pet into your rental. Allowing a pet, will prevent a long market time in most cases. The alternative brings on additional costs and liabilities. If you have further questions about renting your Phoenix rental property with pets please contact Renters Warehouse Phoenix, an Arizona property management company.

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