How to Attract the Highest Quality Contractors

It’s important as a property owner to careful search for and choose each contractor you hire. Just as important: being sure those contractors will be interested in working with you. Here are the biggest tips for ensuring you will attract the finest contractors for working on your property.

Details, Details, Details

The more detail of a project you’re able to provide to the contractor, the easier the whole process is for them. Be specific about each step within the project, including location, brands (if the project involves appliances being installed), materials needed, and sizing and dimensions.

Just be careful that you aren’t managing every aspect of the project. If you’ve already thorough checked out this contractor (which is what you should do every time), it’s likely that they’ll know as much or more than you do about the job. Allow them to work their magic, but provide them with enough details to work without extra questions.

Be Ready to Pay on Time

Demonstrate to the contractor that you can pay the bill for his services on hand, meaning there won’t be any loan approval or other processes getting in the way of payment. This is a big deal for laborers, as credit is often still tight. Plus, this will allow you to request extra work or a discount if there is the guarantee of quick payment once the job is done. However, be cautious to remain firm on the date of completion, and include penalties for anything delivered late.

Be Reasonable About Bid Prices

Ignore the lowest bidders. While it seems like a good deal initially, an extremely low price should be an immediate red flag that the prices will increase exponentially after getting started… or that the contractor just doesn’t understand the price of the work. There’s also a big chance they aren’t insured and/or licensed. No matter the reason, it’s never a good one.

It’s also important to keep in mind the fact that most property owners can largely underestimate how much a job will cost—so focus more on the savings over the long term by hiring smartly and not cheaply.

Show Appreciation

Just as you want to find competent and experience contractors for your property, they are also looking for responsible and respectable property owners to do business with. Don’t be afraid to tell a contractor when they seem like a quality person or worker. You want those you work with to feel valued, which encourages anyone to do the best job possible.

Hire a Property Management Company

If you are struggling to choose a quality contractor among other aspects of managing your property, it might be time to contact a property management company. They will have a list of preferred and trusted contractors to help get the job done successful, so it removes the legwork for you.

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