Adding a Vegetable Garden Bed to Your Property

When boosting the value of their properties, some rental property owners will consider adding a garden. When doing so, you want to give it the same time and money used when increasing the home value through any other means.

Here are some tips for making sure you are successful with your new vegetable garden:

Invest in the Plant Type

One of the greatest tips is that you get what you put into your garden. And it can be hard work, unless you happen to be lucky enough to have great soil and no rocks or weeds to sort through. However, if you do it correctly the first time, it’s worth it and will save a lot of trouble down the road. Figure out what plants are the highest quality and best suited for sprucing up your property.

Choose Your Tools Wisely

Another example of getting what you pay for. It’s tempting to buy cheap garden tools, but they won’t get you far. You’ll need a good-quality shovel that contains a sharp point for handling those tough stems and roots.

You should also consider getting a mattock for removing stubborn weeds, roots, and shrubs

Choose Your Location

Just like location matters in real estate, the same goes for a garden. Research the plants you’re going to use and figure out the best soil and conditions for them.

Also, think about appearance and maintenance. For example, vegetable beds should be planted near the home because they’ll be used regularly. And seasonal flowerbeds should be placed where you can view them closely.

Add Compost

Add value to the soil by included organic matter like compost or aged manure to bulk up your garden. The existing soil is likely just a thin layer of dirt or topsoil, so you’ll want to pile on the extras.

When adding these to your beds, be sure to remove the old layer before replacing it.

Keep Going

The initial stages of building a garden can be rough and discouraging, but stick with it. Caring for it can be easy once to start. You’ll have less weeds, healthier plants, and less work to do overall. Plus, your property will be even more beautiful!

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