Keeping Your Property’s Trees Safe During the Fall

With the fall season upon us, the trees in your neighborhood will be going through a lot of changes, including fallen leaves and color changes. It’s important to make sure the trees on your property are staying strong and healthy in the new season. Having healthy trees is important for keeping your property in tip top shape and increasing the appearance for those living on it.

If you’re unsure how to properly manage the health of your trees during the season, this list can help. Your property management company or homeowners association can also likely assist with additional tree maintenance tips.

Proper Watering

Since winter will be here before we know it, make sure you give your trees plenty of watering during the fall before the freezing temperatures hit. A great way to make sure you’re efficiently reaching the roots is through subsurface watering, which involves distributing water through the top of the soil with an injection probe. The 12 inches at the top of the soil are where your trees need to be watered most. This is especially great for trees that have just been planted or that don’t contain irrigation systems.

The Time for Planting

Fall is actually the best time of year to plant new trees. The cooler temperatures and decreased chances of drought or heat stress in the fall allow better health conditions for newly planted tree and preparation for the winter and building of root mass.

Apply Fertilizer

Using slow-release fertilizers on your trees will help them replace nutrients they lost during the heat of the summer. It also helps in improving disease resistance during stressful winter weather in future months.

Prepare for Winter

Speaking of preparing for stressful weather, there are some other things you can do to help prepare your trees for the low temperatures and winter storms. Apply braces and cables to help them withstand any ice or snowfalls, especially if they have experienced rotting or broken branches.

Pruning is also a great idea because you can get rid of any weak areas at a time when trees have little to no leaves and the structure is easier to see.

With these tips in mind, you can help ensure the trees on your property stay healthy and beautiful, which your residents will appreciate and enjoy all year round. The improved appearance is also great for filling vacancies during the fall season.

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