How to Maintain Wooden Decks on Your Rental Property

Wood decks are a fun and trendy addition to rental properties that can serve many purposes. However, they do require regular upkeep to ensure safety and a great appearance just like balconies and terraces. To make sure your rental property’s deck stays looking good as new, follow these simple maintenance steps and make sure your tenants follow them too.

Avoid Dirt and Liquids

Liquid spills, mold, and mud can effect the good of the deck and attract insects and flies. Be sure to clean up any problems right away with wood-safe oxygen bleach and warm water before rinsing. Do this throughout the year, along with spot treatments.

At the beginning of each season, use this method or a power washer at low pressure to clean the whole deck. Then you remove any accessories and air dry after cleaning.

Restoring the Wood

Natural woods like cedar, redwood and teak can begin to get silvery gray and rough over time. Thankfully, this is an easy issue to fix. All you have to do is sand the natural wood to restore its original color and get rid of the weathered layer that gets roughed up over time.

Sealing the Wood

After cleaning, you can protect the wooden deck from natural elements for a whole year by applying a sealer.

Wait for the deck to dry completely. Then, after you sand it, apply a product with UV protection, that repels water, and that has a mildewcide. And make sure the sealer is the right type for your natural wood.

If the wood looks faded, you can use a stain and sealer combination.

Use Screws in Place of Old Nails

When temperatures change and humidity happens, wood decks can move and swell, causing loose nails in the deck. You might be tempted to hammer them back in, but there’s a better solution.

If the wooden deck is made from treated lumber, opt for ACQ-compliant plastic-coated screws that have a corrosion-resistant coating.

Replace Rotted Planks

Even wood that has been treated chemically can get warped over time, especially with longer boards, which can become a hazard for those walking on them.

When this happens, it’s best for just replace the whole plank.

Stabilize Wobbly Railings

Deck railings can become a problem when exposed to kids playing on them, loose fasteners, and extreme weather. When a rail is already rickety, it’s time to stabilize with more than just a few screws.

Improve the sturdiness of your railings by adding a vertical post between the support posts already there. Bolt the new post it to the deck’s rim joist and the railing itself.

For more tips and resources on property maintenance, consult with your property manager.

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