Property Management Pest Control Tips

Property management companies, landlords and tenants are all looking to avoid the same thing from happening to their property– an insect invasion. As a Chicago property management company, we know how important it is to keep insects out of all of our properties. Whether you’re a condo management company, retail management company, or an industrial property management company, it is important to take precautions to keep bugs out. Here are a few tips on keeping insects out of your properties:

1- Clean out the gutters: When was the last time you cleaned out your property’s gutters? If you know it has been awhile, consider doing a thorough cleaning of your property’s gutters. Mosquitos look for standing, stagnant water as that is where they breed, so keeping the gutters clean leaves no where for them to lay their eggs keeping them away from your property.

2- Utilize screens: If you are a tenant with a property that currently does not utilize screens for your doors and windows, we recommend speaking with your property management company or landlord to see if they would install some screens for the doors and windows. Screens let air in, but help to keep bugs out.

3- Sealing cracks: Sealing any cracks around windows and doors is another great way to prevent bugs from invading your property. Do a thorough inspection of your property’s windows and doors and see if there are any cracks that need to be filled in. Roaches and other bugs are good at squeezing through cracks and small openings, so make sure all of the points of entrance are filled in.

4- Be careful where you put mulch: Try to keep mulch at least 12-15 inches away from the foundation of your property. Mulch can harbor mosquitos, ants and other bugs, which gives easy access to the inside of your property. Keeping mulch away from the foundation will make it harder for insects to enter your property.

5- Take out trash frequently: It may seem like a no-brainer, but trash is a big contributor to insect issues for any home or property, so take out the trash frequently. Make sure bags are tied tightly and any containers used should be cleaned out throughly and often.

If you are a property manager, property management company or tenant looking for more tips on keeping insects out of your properties, feel free to contact us.

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