5 Rental Property Maintenance Projects for the Fall

Fall is often an exciting time of year for communities. Everyone’s cozying up to the fire with lattes, fluffy blankets, and donning sweaters and jackets as the temperature starts to drop. Plus, the holidays are near.

It’s a fun time of year, and it’s also a great time to perform some seasonal maintenance projects on your rental property before the weather gets too cold. Not to mention, you’ll be able to catch any problems you might not have noticed yet.


Clean Out the Gutters
As the leaves fall, they can easily get clogged in the home’s gutters, leading any rainfall to spill over and damage the siding, foundation, roof of your home.


Rake the Yard
Speaking of leaves, having them out on the yard too long can prevent growth once spring rolls around. They can also kill your grass! So although the beautiful fall colors are great to look at, cleaning up your property’s yard is important.


Clean the dryer vents

When the temperatures drop, there’s more buildup of static electricity. That means the lint that builds up in the home dryers can more easily catch on fire. Remind renters to clean out dryer vents after each load to prevent this.


Inspect, Inspect, Inspect
It’s always a good idea to do a walk-around the inside and outside of your property and look for any obvious or not-so-obvious damage before winter comes. Look for any gaps or spaces around closed windows or door that could let air out, and seal what you find. This can make a huge different on heating bills.


Look at the roof
Another place you don’t want to neglect during inspection is the roof of your property. Make sure the shingles are all in place and looking good before any storms hit.

Use fall as a yearly check-up time for your property. You can double-check that everything is working as it should for your tenants and avoid any problems you might face from damage as the time for winter storms approaches. Also, don’t forget to check with your insurance company to make sure your property is protected. Work with your property manager on the details.

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