Renters Warehouse AZ Eviction Process

EVICTION! The one word that most property owners and tenants both dread. It is crucial to rely on your property management company to comprehend and initiate this timely, dreaded process. At Renters Warehouse Phoenix, a Phoenix property management service, we take this process out of your hands and handle it thoroughly until it is completed. All we need from you is the authorization to move forward with the proceedings. Renters Warehouse Phoenix, a Phoenix Arizona property manager, uses one of the most experienced Real Estate Attorney’s in the Valley, and in result have never lost an eviction hearing.

The process is made simple through Renters Warehouse Phoenix, a Phoenix AZ property manager. On the 6th of each month, we send out 5 day notices to all tenants who are delinquent on rent. After allowing an additional 5 days for certified mailing, the 5 day notice will expire on the 16th and we can begin processing the eviction with the approval of our owners. The last step for the owner is to provide the upfront costs for the eviction. For $425, Renters Warehouse Phoenix, an Arizona property manager, and our Attorney’s will handle everything else for you and get your tenant removed from the property or have them paid up in full, including the costs of the eviction. At this point, Renters Warehouse Phoenix, a Phoenix real estate property management company, will not accept any partial payments from the tenants to avoid the eviction. However we must accept payments in full and the eviction will be canceled.

We, as a Phoenix Arizona real estate property management service, will produce all of the necessary paperwork and provide those documents to the Attorney. Our Attorney’s will process everything to the appropriate court and receive a court date as well. The court date will award us the judgement, if the tenant does not show or the Judge rules in our favor. The judgement will require the tenant to vacate the property within 5 days after court. At this point, we do not have accept any amount of money, but can still make an agreement to satisfy the judgement upon full payment of the judgement. If the tenant does not make any arrangements or vacates, we file a Writ of Restitution for the Constable or Sheriff to remove the tenant from the property. There is an additional cost to file the Writ of Restitution in the amount of $161. You will also be required to cover the costs of the locksmith to change the locks at the property, typically around $85. If personal property remains in the property, you must hold the tenant’s property for 21 days, beginning the day after the writ is served. It may be held at the property or be removed and stored. At the end of the 21 days, the property may be disposed or sold, however the proceeds must go towards the amount owed to you.

As you can see this is a very lengthy, strenuous and expensive process. To make sure that it is done correctly, Renters Warehouse Phoenix, a Phoenix property management company, offers this great service to you as well as their outstanding resources to make this process goes as smooth as possible. If you are faced in a situation where you need help, you may contact Renters Warehouse Phoenix, an Arizona property management service, for assistance while electing to sign up with our management services. Visit to learn more or call 480-626-2226.

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