5 Tips to Be a Perfect Apartment Guest

Tourist rental apartments are becoming more and more popular thanks to platforms such as Airbnb or Booking. Finding the ideal apartment is just a click away, with a few filters we will have hundreds of offers on screen. But… do we know how to behave like good guests? Well, most of them do, but there are many who don’t know how to behave and that’s why we’re going to give you 5 tips to be a perfect apartment guest so you don’t get banned from the flat.


1 Take care of the neighbors

Most tourist apartments are in blocks of flats, with their respective neighbors. The coexistence between all is very important, for that reason you have to be careful with the noise that is made. Don’t shout or make voices as if you were in the street, you have to speak normally, as if you were at home.  Not to mention the holidays…… you won’t even think about setting one up, you’ll have the neighbors knocking on your door in 10 seconds.

P.s If you’re in UAE and you’re looking flat for rent in Dubai , you must know that these rules are strict there. 

Respect the hours of sleep of the neighbors, it is normal that from 23:00 on weekdays or from 00:00 on weekends moderate the noise of television, radio or voice volume.


2 Helping the environment

Think that being in a tourist apartment is the closest thing to being at home. That’s why do for the environment what you do at home or even more. 

Try to shower instead of bathing, do not leave the tap on when you brush your teeth, do not put the dishwasher with four glasses and two plates ….. think of the water we waste.

We can also help with other gestures, such as towels. How often do you change towels at home? In the tourist apartments we give the option to change the towels daily, and we will do it enchanted, but think how much we save if you use them one more day. Let’s think about the environment.


3 The electricity bill

There are gestures that no matter how small they may be, help us not to be afraid of the electricity bill. We don’t want you to go to the apartment in the dark, but we do want you to make a rational consumption according to your needs.

Here we want to talk about air conditioning. It is a service that is often misused. 

When it’s hot you have to put it, that’s what it’s for, but if you leave the apartment don’t leave it on so that when you arrive it’s cool. Nowadays these devices cool down in two minutes.

Light is also important. Don’t have all the lights on, because in a room where there’s no one, it makes sense to have it on. What’s better than sunlight? I do not understand those who have the light on when through the window enters the wonderful daylight.


4 Cleanliness is important

This is not to say that you should do a thorough cleaning of the apartment, but that you should keep it clean during its enjoyment. You don’t need to remove dust, but you do need to keep it clean as if you were at home. When you leave, we will clean thoroughly so that it is in perfect condition for the next guest.


5 Rate the apartment and the host

Valuations are very important, both for the guest and the host. It does not cost anything to leave a comment about your experience, this will help to improve the host. In addition, he will also value your stay and this will make it easier for you to rent other accommodations. Well-appreciated guests are welcome everywhere.


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