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rental property maintenance

Rental Property Maintenance Guide For Landlords

Landlords have numerous responsibilities when it comes to running a rental property. One of the most important is rental property maintenance. Why is it essential, and how can landlords deal with it? Let’s find out.   Why Is Rental Property Maintenance Important? Property maintenance for rentals is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, proper maintenance is…

rental rate

How To Determine A Fair Rental Rate Plus Factors To Consider

Setting the proper rental rate can make or break a landlord’s success in the rental market. An inappropriately priced rental unit can discourage tenants from renting or lead to potential losses. It’s important to strike a balance to make the most out of the rental property.   Factors to Consider: How Much Should I Charge…

rental application form

How To Make A Rental Application Form That Complies With The Law

A rental application form is a useful tool for property owners to screen tenants without conducting numerous interviews. However, landlords should be careful about what they include or exclude in these forms to avoid liability.   How to Make a Rental Application Form Rental application forms provide landlords with important information about potential tenants. Here’s…

annual rental housing report

2024 Annual Rental Housing Report Key Takeaways

Harvard’s annual rental housing report reveals a lot about the condition of the market in the U.S. This year, it unveils the cooling of the rental market and several other trends.   Annual Rental Housing Report Key Takeaways The Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University annually releases a report regarding the country’s rental…

most common bugs in spring

Most Common Bugs In Spring And Where They’re Mostly Found

What are the most common bugs in spring? This might seem like an irrelevant question to landlords at first glance. However, it offers important insight into what landlords must do to control pest populations during the season.   Spring Bug Infestations Landlords are responsible for controlling pests to keep their rental properties safe and habitable….

cities for renters in 2024

12 Cities For Renters In 2024: Where To Invest?

What are the best cities for renters in 2024? Renting has become more popular in the past year due to a competitive housing market and skyrocketing interest rates. Investors and property owners must pay attention to these changing trends and seize opportunities to stay profitable.   Best Cities for Renters in 2024 First-time homeownership has…

rental market predictions in 2024

Rental Market Predictions In 2024

What are the rental market predictions in 2024? Whether you’re a renter or landlord, it’s vital to understand how the market will shift in the coming year. This can help you determine where to invest or rent, what to do, and what to avoid.   Rental Market Predictions in 2024 According to the rental market…

renter priorities

Renter Priorities: What’s On Top Of A Tenant’s List?

Renter priorities have changed over the last few years. Landlords and property owners need to stay up-to-date with the changing trends to stay competitive. What are the top renter priorities nowadays? Here’s what you need to know.   Top Renter Priorities The common priorities of renters included apartment features, community amenities, rental rates, and lease…

contractor scams

Beware Of These Contractor Scams

Contractor scams are commonplace and can cost a lot. That’s why rental property owners should carefully research before signing any contracts. They should also be wary of contractors’ common scams to bait potential clients.   Common Contractor Scams to Beware Of Whether it’s a construction scam or a landscaping con, contractor scams are everywhere. Many…

tenant smoke alarms

Tenant Smoke Alarms: Landlord Responsibilities And Rights

Landlords aren’t always aware of their responsibilities when installing tenant smoke alarms. But it’s certainly something they must keep in mind to foster a safe environment. They should also be aware of their rights in case of tenant misuse or mishandling.   Are Tenant Smoke Alarms Required in Rental Properties? Almost every state and local…

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