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hoa insurance

How Can HOA Insurance Affect A Rental Property?

Among the many concerns and issues that landlords deal with, HOA insurance is probably the last on their list. But, considering how insurance can indirectly impact rentals, it should be among the top considerations. What Is HOA Insurance? What Does HOA Insurance Cover? Homeowners associations are structured like corporations. But, functionally, they are like government bodies….

landlord tenant law

Landlord Tenant Law: Learn This Before Renting Out A Property

Landlords and tenants are bound by contractual obligations, but they are also bound by certain laws. One of these is the Landlord Tenant Law. What Is the Landlord Tenant Law? Many people go into the rental property business because they think it is a good way to earn some money on the side. But, renting…

rules for tenant

Enforcing And Implementing Rules For Tenants

Every landlord should implement rules for tenants to follow. But, for new landlords, knowing what rules to enforce can come as a challenge. Crafting Rental Rules for Tenants While not everyone likes rules, they do serve a purpose. In rental properties, rules exist to control the behavior of tenants and maintain the integrity of the unit….

housing discrimination

Housing Discrimination: How To Avoid Breaking The Law As A Rental Property Owner

Navigating housing discrimination laws is a primary concern among many landlords today. Avoiding such discrimination claims, though, begins with understanding just what fair housing laws are and why they exist.   The Importance of Rental Housing Discrimination Laws Before the introduction of fair housing laws, discrimination was rampant in the housing market. Housing providers would openly…

renting to students

Your Guide To Renting To Students

Renting to students introduces several challenges that don’t typically come with renting to other tenants. Before you completely shun the idea, though, student renters do pose a handful of benefits. The Benefits of Renting to Students Tenants come in all shapes and sizes, but they are mostly the same in terms of the trials they…

rental property insurance

Rental Property Insurance And Other Types Of Insurance Policies Landlords May Need

Rental property insurance must be a priority among all landlords. But, this type of insurance is not always complete. To ensure full protection, landlords must seek additional coverage. What Is Rental Property Insurance And What Does It Cover? Rental property insurance is a form of insurance with protections specifically designed for rental properties. Also known as…

elderly renters

Renting To Elderly Renters? What Landlords Should Know

Elderly renters require special care and consideration. As a landlord, it is your responsibility to accommodate older tenants and make sure you’re not breaking any laws.   Understanding Elderly Renters Rights and Anti-Discrimination Laws As a landlord, you will encounter all kinds of tenants, from student renters to military renters. A particular segment of the…

what is a ccr

What Is A CCR? What Other HOA Governing Documents Are Important?

Rental property owners operating in communities run by a homeowners association might come across unfamiliar terms such as covenants and CCRs. But, what is a CCR anyway? And how does it affect landlords and tenants? What Is a CCR? Understanding Homeowners Associations A homeowners association is an organization that is in charge of managing a community, subdivision,…

is landlord responsible for fallen tree

Is Landlord Responsible For Fallen Tree?

Who is responsible for tree trimming in a rental property? Is landlord responsible for fallen tree or is the tenant? Here are the answers to the most asked questions about tenant yard maintenance responsibilities.   Is Landlord Responsible for Fallen Tree? A landlord’s maintenance duties are not only limited to the interiors of a rental…

tenant not paying rent and won't leave

Tenant Not Paying Rent And Won’t Leave? What Can Landlords Do About it

One of the biggest problems any landlord can face is a tenant not paying rent and won’t leave. When this happens, it can seem like the only recourse you have is to take matters into your own hands. But, that will only land you in trouble with the law. How to Handle a Tenant Not…

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