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short-term rentals

Short-Term Rentals: How Has Covid-19 Affected It?

Short-term rentals are popular forms of accommodation for travelers. As it did with many other industries, though, the COVID-19 pandemic had a big effect on the hospitality sector. Let’s take a look at how this health crisis influenced short-term rentals and what the future holds.   How COVID-19 Impacted Short-Term Rentals The world came to…

pets in rental properties

Pets In Rental Properties: The Good And The Bad

It is not uncommon to find pets in rental properties nowadays. As a landlord, though, should you allow pets in your rentals? What rules should you implement to protect your assets?   The Advantages of Allowing Pets in Rental Properties When making any decision, it helps to weigh out the pros and cons. Are there…

homeowners insurance for rental property

Homeowners Insurance For Rental Property vs Landlord Insurance vs Rental Property Insurance

Insurance is essential for all property owners. But, as a landlord, it can be difficult to know which policy to get. Do you need a separate policy or is homeowners insurance for rental property enough?   Can You Get Homeowners Insurance for Rental Property? There is a high demand for rental properties in the United…

pest control in rental property

Pest Control In Rental Properties: Who Is Responsible?

Pest control in a rental property can be a serious issue. But, whose responsibility is it to take care of a pest problem in a rented unit or home — the tenant or the landlord?   What to Do About Pest Control in Rental Property Pests are one of the biggest problems property owners face…

late rent

Late Rent: Creating Late Rent Notices And Assessing Fees

Late rent is something that every landlord has encountered. But, how exactly should you handle late rental payments?   How to Deal With Late Rent Landlords come across different kinds of tenants. Some tenants are exceptional payers, making sure to never miss a rent deadline, whereas other tenants are unfavorable, always sending in their rent…

renters insurance

What Is Renters Insurance? Is It Important To Get One?

It is essential for tenants to obtain renters insurance to protect their belongings. But more often than not, renters fail to do so because they feel it is a waste of money. This is a common and dangerous misconception.   What Is Renters Insurance? Renters insurance is a type of property insurance that protects the…

rental scams

Rental Scams: Top 9 Signs And How To Avoid Them

The rental industry is filled with swindlers that prey on unsuspecting would-be tenants. If you are looking for an apartment to rent, protect yourself from rental scams by learning how to spot them early on.   Signs You Are Dealing With Apartment Rental Scams Scam rentals affect millions of American renters. In fact, according to an Apartment…

renters rights

7 Renters Rights Every Tenant Should Know

Property managers and landlords must always remain aware of the various renters rights they must respect. In doing so, they can stay compliant and prevent liability. But, what are these renters rights anyway?   What Are Renters Rights? Renters rights, also known as tenants rights, are laws that protect renters from discrimination and unfair practices….

landlord tenant

11 Common Landlord Tenant Issues And Solutions

Landlords and tenants don’t always have the best relationships. As you may know, there is a lot of room for disagreements and fights. Learn how to deal with the most common landlord tenant issues below.   How to Solve Common Landlord Tenant Problems As a landlord, you are well aware of the many problems that come…

illegal eviction

What Is An Illegal Eviction? And What Can Tenants Do About It?

Illegal eviction is a real problem in the United States, and many tenants don’t even know they have fallen victim to it. You must know how to identify when a landlord is evicting you unlawfully and what recourse you have available.   What Is the Meaning of Illegal Eviction? When a landlord wants to evict…

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