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Managing Tenant and Owner Funds

Managing Tenant and Owner Funds

When a property owner hires a property manager, he does not only entrust him his properties, he also handles a range of things associated with managing the property. These things are the collection, security deposits, funds and write checks on behalf of the owner. For this relationship to work, there has to be trust, accountability,…

Settling and Collecting Rent

Everything You Should Know About Rent Collecting

Many landlords struggle with one of the most important parts of rental management — rent collecting. Considering rent is how you make money, though, you should arm yourself with everything you need to know about how to collect rent.   A Landlord’s Guide to Rent Collecting Managing a rental property is a difficult undertaking, requiring…

Property Inspections

Rental Inspection Checklist: Use This Before Leasing Or Renting A Property

As a landlord, it is your job to conduct regular inspections of your rental property to ensure it remains in good condition. This is where a rental inspection checklist can come in handy.   What to Include in a Rental Inspection Checklist What is a rental inspection checklist? Simply put, it is a checklist consisting of…

Background Checking & Researching the Company

20 Questions To Ask Property Managers Before Hiring Them

Entrusting your rental space to a property manager is a major decision. However, this can be the help you need to get the best return on your investment. Before signing a contract, though, here are the most important questions to ask a property manager or a property management company.   Questions to Ask Property Managers:…

Responsibilities and Representations

Broker, Owner, And Landlord Responsibilities

What does a real estate broker do? Do they share the same responsibilities as a property owner or landlord? Whichever role you assume, you must understand your function and the duties you are obliged to fulfill.   What Does a Real Estate Broker Do? Answered! There are plenty of lucrative opportunities in real estate, which…

Indemnification and Boiler Plate Items

Indemnification and Boiler Plate Items

There are several other components to legal contracts that need to be understood. Even though only certain aspects are relevant to property management agreements between property owners and property management companies, it is important to have a basic understanding of them to avoid costly misunderstandings in the future. If you fail to understand these issues,…

Breakdown of Property Management Fees

Property Management Fees 101: How Are Charges Determined?

When comparing property management companies, most property owners place a great deal of importance on the cost of their services. But, it is not always easy to understand each company’s fee structure. To help you make a decision, here is everything you need to know about property management fees.   A Guide to Understanding Property…

Complete Guide to Hiring a Property Management Company

A Complete Guide to Hiring Property Management Services

Is a property management company worth it? Here’s a complete guide to hiring property management services to determine if it’s the right move for your rental property.   6 Compelling Reasons for Hiring Property Management Services Not all landlords or owners need to hire a professional service to take care of their rental property. However,…

What to Look for in a Property Management Contract

What To Look For In A Property Management Contract? How To Terminate It?

A property management agreement is a necessary and valuable tool in any business deal between a property owner and a management company. But, it is not always easy to know what these contracts should contain. Learn what to look for in a property management agreement below.   The Importance of a Property Management Agreement What…

Contract Termination

Contract Termination

Contract termination is a sensitive issue that needs to be handled with care. Be sure to review the information below about different ways contractual agreements can end between property owners and property management companies.   Term Most property management companies require a contract period that ranges between 1-2 years with very few offering month-to-month options….

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