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Indemnification and Boiler Plate Items

Indemnification and Boiler Plate Items

There are several other components to legal contracts that need to be understood. Even though only certain aspects are relevant to property management agreements between property owners and property management companies, it is important to have a basic understanding of them to avoid costly misunderstandings in the future. If you fail to understand these issues,…

Breakdown of Property Management Fees

Property Management Fees 101: How Are Charges Determined?

When comparing property management companies, most property owners place a great deal of importance on the cost of their services. But, it is not always easy to understand each company’s fee structure. To help you make a decision, here is everything you need to know about property management fees.   A Guide to Understanding Property…

Complete Guide to Hiring a Property Management Company

A Complete Guide to Hiring Property Management Services

Is a property management company worth it? Here’s a complete guide to hiring property management services to determine if it’s the right move for your rental property.   6 Compelling Reasons for Hiring Property Management Services Not all landlords or owners need to hire a professional service to take care of their rental property. However,…

What to Look for in a Property Management Contract

What To Look For In A Property Management Contract? How To Terminate It?

A property management agreement is a necessary and valuable tool in any business deal between a property owner and a management company. But, it is not always easy to know what these contracts should contain. Learn what to look for in a property management agreement below.   The Importance of a Property Management Agreement What…

Contract Termination

Contract Termination

Contract termination is a sensitive issue that needs to be handled with care. Be sure to review the information below about different ways contractual agreements can end between property owners and property management companies.   Term Most property management companies require a contract period that ranges between 1-2 years with very few offering month-to-month options….

How to Screen Your Tenants

The Pros And Cons Of Tenant Screening Services

The tenant screening process is essential, but it can also be very time-consuming to conduct comprehensive tenant credit and background checks. As such, many landlords turn to tenant screening services for more expedient evaluations. Before you try it out for yourself, consider the pros and cons of tenant screening services.   How to Screen Tenants:…

A Guide to Finding Trusted Tenants

How To Find Tenants That Are Reliable And Trustworthy

Perhaps one of the most difficult parts of managing a rental property is learning how to find tenants — and not just any tenants, but good tenants. Luckily, you can land high-quality tenants by adopting a few key practices.   How to Find Tenants for Your Rental Property With 43 million renters in the United States, it’s…

Property Maintenance and Repairs

The Ins And Outs Of Rental Property Maintenance and Repairs

As a landlord, you have a responsibility to perform regular rental property maintenance. But, what does property maintenance even entail? And should all maintenance tasks fall under the landlord’s duty?   The Importance of Rental Property Maintenance Why is property maintenance important? This is a common question many landlords ask, and one with a fairly…

The Benefits of Using a Property Management Company

The Benefits of Using a Property Management Company

Property managers can add substantial value to your investment. Having a company to manage your properties enables you to find the right tenants. This will help your property remain in better conditions in the long-term. Here are several reasons why managers are worth the investment:   Responsible and Long-term Tenants Even though it is tempting…

A Guide to Property Management Services

A Guide to Property Management Services

Below is information about the typical tasks that property managers can perform for their owners. It is important to realize that you may only need some of these property management services and many of the prospective companies that you interview may have only a portion of these offerings. Be sure to consider carefully which services…

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