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How to Screen Your Tenants

How to Screen Your Tenants

Having a bad tenant is a landlord’s worst nightmare. However, it is very difficult to spot bad tenants even if they are properly screened. Applicants tend to put their best foot forward and try to hide the factors that would make them fail a tenant screening. This is precisely why the tenant screening process is…

A Guide to Finding Trusted Tenants

How To Find Tenants That Are Reliable And Trustworthy

Perhaps one of the most difficult parts of managing a rental property is learning how to find tenants — and not just any tenants, but good tenants. Luckily, you can land high-quality tenants by adopting a few key practices.   How to Find Tenants for Your Rental Property With 43 million renters in the United States, it’s…

Property Maintenance and Repairs

Property Maintenance and Repairs

It is important to remember that preserving and increasing the value of the owner’s property is one of the most important roles of a property management company. Tenant requests must be addressed promptly, and owners need to be provided with a transparent system for seeing how their money is being allocated. A competent manager accomplishes…

The Benefits of Using a Property Management Company

The Benefits of Using a Property Management Company

Property managers can add substantial value to your investment. Having a company to manage your properties enables you to find the right tenants. This will help your property remain in better conditions in the long-term. Here are several reasons why managers are worth the investment:   Responsible and Long-term Tenants Even though it is tempting…

A Guide to Property Management Services

A Guide to Property Management Services

Below is information about the typical tasks that property managers can perform for their owners. It is important to realize that you may only need some of these property management services and many of the prospective companies that you interview may have only a portion of these offerings. Be sure to consider carefully which services…

5 Tips to Be a Perfect Apartment Guest

Tourist rental apartments are becoming more and more popular thanks to platforms such as Airbnb or Booking. Finding the ideal apartment is just a click away, with a few filters we will have hundreds of offers on screen. But… do we know how to behave like good guests? Well, most of them do, but there…

How to Negotiate an Apartment Rate Increase

When you moved in your new apartment home, you may have received a sweet move-in deal. Maybe you even got a month or 2 of free rent. As your lease comes to a close, the landlord or apartment management company will usually notify you and offer the rate for the next lease term. If you…

mold in rental home

Tips for Reducing Mold in Your Rental Property

All buildings have to deal with the presence of mold. In fact, it’s everywhere! But it only becomes a real problem when mold spores find the right environment and are able to grow and become “black molds” that can lead to immune responses, fatigue, cognitive problems, nausea, and allergic reactions if it gets bad enough—no good….

going green

5 Perks of Green-Certifying Your Rental Property

As people are getting more environmentally conscious, more rental property owners are deciding to green-certify their property. You might be wondering whether this is a good decision for your property too. The truth is there are many benefits of doing this. Here are some of the biggest ones to consider when making your decision and weighing…

tenant screening

How to Conduct Foolproof Tenant Screening for the Best Renters

In order to be successful and avoid huge headaches as a landlord, you want to do everything you can to ensure you bring in the best renters. While this isn’t always black and white, there are some great things you can do make your role easier and avoid any bad eggs when it comes to…

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