7 Ways a Virtual Assistant Can Help Rental Property Owners

Any owner of a rental property knows that there’s often an endless list of “to-dos” when renting out said property that could easily overwhelm anyone


Hiring a virtual assistant can help you tackle some of the items on your list so you can focus on the areas you want to most. Here are some of the top ways a virtual assistant can benefit for rental property business:

Finding Property
Obviously, you want to make the final decision on new property you purchase. But a VA can assist with the steps leading up to that. You can train them to look out for properties in up-and-coming and know if there is a high chance of a property being profitable. Then they can submit their findings to you and eliminate research time.


Preparing to Rent
A VA can help you get the home inspected, get a rental license, schedule contractors, and even set up utilities.


You’ll want to make sure you hire a VA with a good understanding of property advertisements, but even if they don’t, you can still have them research specifics on a home, including rental prices, and post any ads that are created throughout the internet.


Tenant Screening
If you find a VA you trust enough to handle your money, you can have them help you in screening tenants and gathering contact information for any former landlords, referrals, etc.


Collecting Rent
Your assistant can look out for those tenants that haven’t paid on time, and you can even have them contact those people to find out why.


Handle Evictions
Of course, you must be careful with the eviction process and there isn’t a ton the VA can do. But one area they can really help in is gathering up evidence about the failings of the tenant to use during the eviction process. The VA can go through old records and make a report from anything the tenant has done wrong or how they’ve communicated with you.


Handling Maintenance and Emergencies
You can filter requests through your VA so they are the primary point of contact and can let you know about any emergencies or repair or maintenance requests. This can save you a lot of time and paperwork.

Being a landlord involves a lot of time, and besides working with a rental property management company, hiring a virtual assistant is the best way to filter some of the work so you can do your job efficiently.


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