How Do I Add Additional Lease Stipulations If My Standard Lease Does Not Include Them?

Most landlords who rent out their rental properties have a standard lease they use that has the proper wording and protection for both parties. A standard lease can typically be found online and can be more specific based on the state your rental property is based out of. If you are new to being a landlord you may find that the standard lease my not have everything you would like to be included in it. This is where a lease addendum can be a great additional document to add to your lease.

A lease addendum is generally an open form that allows the landlord to add additional stipulations for tenants to agree to, and this addendum then becomes part of the lease. By signing the lease both parties are also agreeing to the stipulations outlined in the lease addendum.

If you are not experienced in renting out your property you may want to hire a Minneapolis property management company to find tenants for your rental property and sign a lease with your tenants. They are experienced in writing lease addendums and can help you the rental property owner make sure that stipulations you request are agreed to by your tenants.

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