Identifying and Handling Pest Infestations on Your Property

Infestations can be very frustrating for property owners. Not only can it be a tedious process to get rid of the pests, certain types of pests could also have you facing possible structural damage to the property. Here are some suggestions for helping you clear certain pests out of your property.

State Laws for Pest Infestations

It’s important to note that depending on which state you live in, if you are part of a homeowners association, your laws could vary about who is actually responsible for certain parts of a pest infestation. Check with your HOA’s CC&R documents, too, as that might say something different than the state laws. The law could also vary depending on what type of pest you’re dealing with. Find out this information before beginning with any extermination so you can make sure your course of action is appropriate.


Mice and rats can pose a hazard. Not only can having them on your property lead to structural problems, they also chew through all sorts of material, including wood, wires, and pipes. They also often carry diseases, so the sooner you can remove them, the better.

Signs of infestation: Woodwork that has ben chewed through, nests in the attic, and droppings.

Methods for removal: Poisons, mousetraps, and food such as peanut butter or cheese as bait.


These small pests are easily attracted by food crumbs in the home, which brings them indoors. They are also fairly difficult to remove, so you’ll want to be proactive in handling them.

Signs of infestation: Nests in the home.

Methods for removal: Sprinkles of cinnamon, cloves, black pepper, or laundry detergent; for more extreme cases, use insecticide.


This term encompasses many beetle types, which cause damage to home structures by boring into the wood. This is especially bad for older homes with poor ventilation.

Methods for removal: Act quickly. You can buy treatment kits, but for serious cases you might need to call a professional.


Many people are likely familiar with this one. Flies can be the result of bad hygiene and poor cleanliness in the home, such as food being left out uncovered or garbage not thrown out often enough. Flies make it worse by spreading bacteria. Plus, they are annoying!

Signs of infestation: Flies and maggots mean that you have an infestation.

Methods for removal: Keeping the house clean, keeping food covered (including pet foods).

To avoid not only the annoyance of pests but also the health and property risks associated with them, it’s important to be a responsible property owner and take care of any infestations as soon as possible. If it seems out of your control, consider calling a professional.

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