Meeting Your Residents’ Summer Needs

You likely know that summer is one of the busiest seasons for property owners. It’s easy to get excited and preoccupied with filling rental units and signing new leases as new prospects visit and consider your property.

However, are you still giving your current residents the amount of attention they need? You’ll want to keep this question in mind, since summer is great for more than just new residents; it’s also a time when current residents are feeling more receptive to offers and other forms of appreciation, which shouldn’t be ignored.

Summer Ideas for Resident Involvement

A good property owner will want to keep all residents happy, whether they have been at the property for years or are just signing onto a lease. Here are some ideas for making sure your current residents continue to feel welcome and appreciated this summer:

  • Give personalized gifts: Think about a few gifts that can cater to the needs of your residents. For example, good gifts for those with pets could be a dog bone or a toy. Other broad ideas that most people will love is a pretty potted plant for those interested in community gardening, or homemade gifts for the home. This shows residents you’re grateful for their presence and you care about their needs individually.
  • Plan a food or drink social: Everyone loves food, and inviting them all to enjoy it together can be a great reminder of the good community they live in. Some ideas could be a barbecue/cookout, an ice cream social, or baked goods exchange—whatever helps residents socialize and have fun. This will help residents, old and new, feel more comfortable and excited about where they live.
  • Other get-togethers: And an event doesn’t necessarily have to involve food. Some other ideas could be a party at your pool—or even a dog party, if you have a dog park and a lot of residents with pets. Those without pets would still be welcome to come meet the community pooches.

Summer is a great time to get everyone together, welcome in new residents, and help current residents continue to feel appreciated on the property through the fun, lazy days of summer. Rental property management can also help with creative ideas for summer community involvement.

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