Natural Cleaning Options for Your Property

An important part of being a property owner is knowing the best ways to keep your homes in great shape. And you can do that with ingredients that are not only safe but also cheap and longer-lasting than store-bought, chemical-laden products.

Here are some great healthy and safe options for cleaning your home:

Using Vinegar

White distilled vinegar has MANY uses for home cleaning. It’s great for cleaning common household appliances, such as the microwave, garbage disposal and kitchen sink drain, coffee maker, and any other products that are stainless steel. Vinegar is also wonderful for removing streaks on your windows or stains to the carpet.

For carpet stain removal, mix a teaspoon of the vinegar and a teaspoon of liquid detergent in water, then put it on the stain with a towel or gentle brush and rub it into the carpet. Use a moist, clean towel to blot the area before using a hair dryer to dry it. You might need to repeat the process a few times, but keep going until the stain is gone.

To remove window streaks, combine equal parts warm water and the vinegar. Use a gentle cloth to dry.

If you have any wooden decks or tables with water rings from wet glasses, you can remove these by rubbing the area with equal parts olive oil and white distilled vinegar.

Another great use for vinegar is keeping ants out of the kitchen. Wash your floors, cabinets, and counter tops with vinegar to deter pests.

Using Baking Soda

Baking soda has many amazing uses in the home besides just baking. It can be used to get rid of stains, polish silver, clean appliances, and unclog sink drains, it’s a great addition to your laundry or even kitty litter as a deodorizer, and if you have any bugs in the home, you can deter aunts with a sprinkle of it or even treat bites by applying baking soda in the bath.

But be warned: DON’T mix baking soda with other cleaning products in your home. Just like it does in cakes and muffins, it can create a chemical reaction—and this one can be toxic to those in your home. Also, remember that baking soda does expire, so it’s important to check its expiration date and replace it as needed.

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