Why You Should Get to Know Your Tenants’ Neighbors

One of the often overlooked techniques for increasing not only the value of your rental property, but also your relationship with your tenants is by getting to know the people who live around them.

When you become more involved in what’s happening within your renter’s neighborhood, there are a few big advantages:

1) You can better support and understand those living there, which will help you be empathetic to anything your tenant experiences there

2) You’ll be more aware of ways you can help support and improve living situations there

3) You’ll be able to develop a better relationship with your tenants, which will make them more apt to show pride in the area where they live


Some ways to get more involved and improve your chances of getting to know neighbors better could include:
Going to Neighborhood Events
Look for what’s happening in the community, from events held by the community association management to things like dinner parties or book clubs. And if you have trouble finding any events to attend, why not start one yourself? Plan something that will allow you to get to know a variety of neighbors in the community.

Plan a Clean-Up Event
One of the great ways to help improve a community is through making it look prettier. You could start with organizing a day to clean up litter around the community, or go a step further and have a flower- or garden-planting event.

Be Active on Social Media
A lot of communities will have a specific social media account where community members can converse, such as a Facebook page or group, Twitter account, or Nextdoor account. You could join in and post on these sites to introduce yourself. Another option is just checking regularly to respond to people’s questions and comments. Being helpful and friendly goes a long way!

Getting more involved in the community where your property is located can be a great way to improve relationships, understand what’s happening where your tenant lives, and be a great rental property owner. Plan to attend something at least once a month, and mark it on your calendar so you stay accountable!

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