6 Tips for Painting Your Rental Property

Painting is rarely an activity anyone sees as really “fun” or enjoyable. And if you own rental property that needs painting, it can be tempting to just pay to have someone do it for you. But with the right tips and tricks, you can get your property painted and ready for renting in a shorter amount of time than having someone else do it.

Here are some tips about painting to make things easier on you:

#1 You Don’t Always Have to Paint Between Renters
You might feel like after one tenant moves out, you need to repaint. But this isn’t always the case, and it can get expensive! It’s best to start with using a semi-gloss paint, not a flat paint, so you can just wipe the walls clean in between renters and not have to worry about spending extra time and money each time.

#2 Always Have a Damp Rag When You Paint
Having a damp rag allows you to wipe any spots or drips clean as you touch up. Keep the rag beside you so there’s no need to leave the wall, go to the sink to wet  it, and come back. Plus, paint can dry quickly enough to where it’s hard to touch up after a few minutes. Have the rag nearby so you can make touch ups immediately.

And for areas where you’re worried about painting over in the wrong places, using masking tape is a great protection from unwanted paint.

#3 Avoid White Walls
Not only is white pant pretty outdated, it will also show any speck of dirt or dust. So opt for any color other than white, preferable cream colors that aren’t too dark or too light.

#4 Use the Same Color
If you own more than one rental property, stick with the same paint color for each. That way, you won’t have to remember which color goes in which property and find yourself having to run to the store for new color. Keep it simple.

#5 Use Great Brushes
Each time you have to dip the brush back into the paint can, time is being wasted. So invest in some high-quality brushes and rollers that can hold a lot of paint at once.

#6 Don’t Let Renters Do the Painting
Most tenants will not know how to paint well. They just won’t. So it’s better for you to either do it yourself or have a professional do it. It can save you a lot of headache re-doing a bad paint job. And make sure they understand your rules around painting when moving in and moving out.

Use these tips next time you’re considering painting one of your rental properties. They’ll be well worth it to save you the extra trouble down the road.

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