Property Management Newsletters

As a Chicago property management company, we strive to keep our tenants constantly in the loop. Most property management companies work hard to do the same. One of the best methods for helping tenants stay in the loop is through the use of a property management newsletter. Newsletters are a great way to get information out to tenants in a regular and proactive manner. Rather than having tenants searching for information about your property management company online, a newsletter puts the information you want them to read right in front of them. No more having to go look online when the information they need is delivered straight to them. Newsletters can be quite effective when they are done right. So what kinds of information in a property management company’s newsletter? Here are a few tips on what to include in your property management newsletter:

1- Information that helps you market your property management company:
A property management company newsletter is a great way to market your property management company. It is the perfect vehicle to show off your logo and branding. A newsletter is a great way to get your company’s name in front of a large group of people, which will include your current tenants and even potential tenants. Whether you’re a property management company, a condo property management company, or retail property management company, marketing is a part of how you spread the word about your company.

2- Tenant and company information: As we mentioned before, keeping tenants informed is essential when it comes to helping your property management company run smoothly. Communication is always the key to being successful. A property management company newsletter provides a great place to post your company and even tenant information. When a tenant picks up a property management company newsletter they are expecting to see information the property management company and some information on tenants as well, so let them in on what you know.

3- Guest articles: Your property management newsletter should have some pizazz or area of interest, so featuring some guest articles written by tenants or staff could be a cool feature for your property management newsletter. As much as a property management company newsletter should contain important information for tenants, it should also have a feature that is entertaining to keep tenants reading.

4- Announcements: If you have something you want to announce to your clients, a property management newsletter is a great place to do so. A section of a property management company newsletter should be a feature spot just for announcements. The newsletter makes for an easy way to send out an announcement.

5- Reminders: Sticking a calendar inside your property management company newsletter could make for a great spot to list reminders for your tenants. Instead of sticking a post-it note on tenant’s door, a newsletter makes for a professional way to give tenants reminders.

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