Should Your Tenants Be Responsible for Yard Maintenance?

Rental property owners have many responsibilities and tasks that either land on the owner or their tenants, and opinions on how these tasks should be handled can vary. One of those responsibilities is the not-so-popular yard maintenance.

When You Should Handled Yard Maintenance

When deciding whether yard maintenance should be for your tenants, you need to establish which type of property it is. If the property is an apartment style, then the task should be the responsibility of the property owner and their maintenance team because it greatly affects the appeal of the property with other potential tenants. It’s best not to risk handing that task down to tenants.

When Tenants Should Handle Yard Maintenance

Singular properties, such as mobile homes or houses, don’t need to look all the same or be centrally managed. If you own this type of property, it might be okay to make tenants handle their own rental home yards.

But this can become tricky if you have homeowners association management requiring each yard to be well groomed. If you’re going to be fined for this, you might want to be the one making sure the lawn is maintained to yours and the HOA’s standards. However, this could be required of the tenant if they are the ones who would be fined.

If neither of these sound best for your situation, an additional option is to raise your rent prices and hire a lawn care business to care for the yard. Overall, in most cases, the practical approach would be to not expect tenants to maintain the lawn, since you want to be sure the property looks good for potential future tenants. They may not have the same vision for your property’s lawn that you do, so doing it yourself avoids the extra risk. Paying to have a service handle it, then increasing rent to cover the costs, is often the best solution to keep your tenants happy and your lawns looking great.

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