Up-and-Coming Automation for Your Rental Home

Every day, technology is getting updated and things are getting “smarter.” That includes home automation, and most people are looking for it more and more.

In fact, research is showing most people are more likely to rent or purchase a home if there is already smart technology installed in it, which is something to consider when thinking about upgrades to your rental property.

Here are some of the more up-and-coming automation futures that are desired in homes:


There are smart lock features that let you schedule when your door should be locked and unlocked. This is helpful for renters that need to let someone into their home during the day but don’t want to give them the key, better increasing security in your community.

Another new security feature is called Presence, which is a security camera that can distinguish between what’s an animal, person, or car. If something is suspicious, the renter will be notified.

Lights can be automated too with features that allow you to turn lights on and off using a mobile phone app or your voice.

Sensor Systems

You can use Febreze Home for the ultimate air freshener experience. It works with your HVAC system and thermostat to dispense freshener into the air based on airflow. You can also schedule this right from an app on your phone!

Halo is a smoke alarm that also monitors the weather and lets you know about any tornado, hurricane, or severe weather conditions.

If you’re concerned about water usage, a system like HYDAO smart shower head let’s you know how much water is being used in the shower. There are outdoor sprinkler systems that do the same thing.

Better Robots

We’re all familiar with robotic programs like the Roomba for helping with home tasks. And the technology is only increasing from there!

Laundry robots like the Seven Dreamers’ Laundroid will fold your clothes for you using image-recognition algorithms.

Another highly talked about system is the Family Hub Refrigerator from Samsung that has a touch panel from which a family can check calendar dates, play music, and leave notes for each other.

As time passes, home automation is going to become more common as people are looking to simplify their lives. Staying up-to-date on new advances will help you ensure your rental property maintains its quality and appeal for potential new renters.


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