4 Ways HOAs Can Mess Up Security

An aspect of great property management is providing fantastic security to HOA members and residents. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to make mistakes with security if you aren’t prepared.


Here are four big security mistakes that HOAs can make and how to avoid them:

Not Having a Plan for Emergencies
Do you residents know what to do if there’s an emergency? It’s important to have an emergency plan prepared in case disaster strikes.

Come up with a plan that prepares residents for survival after a disaster, especially for waiting for help that could end up taking a while. Once the plan is created, make sure everyone in the association has access to it.

Not Performing a Security Audit
Security audits should be conducting routinely to make sure the association is protected from potential threats. This audit would include analyzing areas like darker, hidden parking areas where someone could break into cars, as well as any potential threats and vulnerabilities that can be corrected.

Using Too Many Quick Fixes
When an issue with security happens, it’s tempting to want to fix it quickly and possibly creating security rules that don’t work long-term or even conflict with other security rules.

If your community is constantly dealing with threats to security, you might need to analyze your security plan through an audit and figure out what needs to be changed.

Not Involving the Community
Board members should actively encourage residents to get to know each other better. This will help them be more alert about what’s going on in the community, thus better protecting one another in the event of a threat. And knowing each other better can make it easier to help one another if needed. So before you work on details in your security plan, don’t forget to utilize the power of neighbors and their relationships with one another.

It’s important to have excellent security in your HOA by being proactive about safety. Look at your current security plan and work from there. For more information about HOA security, Cedar Management Group can help your board figure out the best plan of action.

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